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IIT-Kharagpur scientists foster no-code 360 VR stage for instructors.

The beauty of the 360 VR Educator platform is that it requires no prior knowledge of coding, thus making it easy to create new content, often in less than 30 minutes.

Virtual Reality (VR) might be touted as the future of learning, but at the moment teachers find themselves excluded from this ecosystem. This was the fundamental problem a group of IIT-Kharagpur researchers had in mind when they started working on developing a 360-degree VR educator platform.

“The basic problem is that teachers are dependent on others for developing the immersive content. We wanted to change that,” Kaushal Kumar Bhagat, Assistant Professor, Advanced Technology Development Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, told indianexpress.com in a video interview. Bhagat and a team of researchers got the idea of developing a no-code 360-degree VR platform for teachers during the pandemic after realizing that online classes lacked interaction.“What is the guarantee that a student is really going through the video and understanding the concept,” he questioned, underlining how online classes can be lecture-heavy and sometimes repetitive with no focus on creating a collaborative learning environment.

For Bhagat, VR can possibly make learning more intuitive and vivid through PC produced designs in a three-layered climate, which is a superior medium to settle complex ideas than simply perusing or hearing them.

Yet, planning content for 360-degree encounters requires a ton of assets, labor supply, high setup workstations as well as admittance to top of the line VR headsets that can go in thousands. All along, Bhagat who likewise drives the undertaking which is subsidized by the Ward of Learning (COL) and Republic Instructive Media Community for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi, needed to improve on the interaction.

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It took Bhagat and a group of scientists over a year and a half to foster an open-source 360-degree VR stage explicitly intended for instructors and teachers. The excellence of the stage is that it requires no earlier information on coding, subsequently making it simple to make news happy, frequently in under 30 minutes.

“It requires hours to create vivid VR encounters however for the end goal of educating, 360-degree VR content ought to be not difficult to create,” he said.

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